Toul 200 Ceiling Mounted Unit


The ceiling-mounted unit, TOUL 200, is the solution of choice for those preferring a dedicated, fixed installation that can be optimally mounted without interfering with staff movements and other equipment. TOUL 200 is just as easy to operate as an ordinary operating lamp.

TOUL 200 produces ultraclean air in a pre-defined area, by circulating the ambient air in the operating room through a HEPA filter to clean the air from bacteria and particles.

The unit is mounted on an extendable pendant and has proven to be both cost-effective and very efficient to ensure ultraclean air over the surgery site.

The unit distributes 400 m3 air per hour through a flexible LAF screen that forms the airflow into a column of air. This airflow is turbulence-free and is not impeded by the movements of the surgical team in the defined airflow area. Existing regular ventilation system does not affect the function of the unit.

Airflow is > 0,4 meters per second in the defined area.

The TOUL 200 is equipped with an easy to use control system, helping the user direct the airflow in the most effective way. A camera assists in determining airflow direction and an integrated sensor determines the correct distance from the surgical site for maximum effect. An integrated display allows the user to easily check and verify the set-up. The integrated camera can transmit video signals to other video equipment.


Physical Data:
Air Flow Unit: Size: L 70 x W 60 x H 55 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Pendant Type Ondal Space for weight up <40kg Travel 1,8 m
Weight: 35 kg
Power Data:
Power Supply: 230 VAC, 50 Hz for Europe , 115 VAC, 60 Hz for US
Power consumption: 160w
Air Flow Data: 0,5-0,7 m/s, 400 m3/h
Operational Conditions:
Working Temperature: +10° to +40°C (+ 50° to +104°F)
Humidity: 5-80% (non condensing)
Atmospheric Pressure: 500-1060 hPa
HEPA Filter: Type CAMFIL, High Efficiency Particles Filter;
Filters 99,997% particles >0,3 µm