How does it work?



Operio and SteriStay are laminar air flow systems especially developed for the operation environment where the demands on sterile and clean air are elevated.

The Toul Meditech technology provides a horizontal ultraclean laminar airflow which is directed directly over the surgical site and instruments, acting as a barrier and minimizing the presence of bacteria-carrying particles.

An easy to use control system helps the user direct airflow in the most effective way: a visual aid assists in determining airflow direction for maximum effect. The simple control panel allows the user to make necessary adjustments.

Ambient air is passed through a HEPA filter and a Laminar Air Flow (LAF) screen. The ultraclean air leaves the screen as a laminar (turbulence-free) flow, pushing contaminated air forwards, away from the risk zone and into the room, to be absorbed by the conventional ventilation system. Sterile, single-use LAF screens guarantee sterile flow. The sterile LAF screen is furnished with a unique bar code that is recorded in the control system at each operation. By recording the bar codes the operator can always be assured that the equipment has been used in a proper and intended way.