Positive results from a study in Herefordshire, UK

Initial experiences of cataract & lens surgery in 1269 patients in outpatient clean rooms using a portable laminar air flow device.

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BACKGROUND: In 2020, routine cataract surgery was halted in most countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to reduce transmission. With a consequent lack of theatre space, we developed a safe cataract pathway in outpatient department clean rooms to minimize patient exposure and time spent in hospital using a sterile laminar air flow device. We describe our initial experiences of restarting elective cataract surgery in the UK outpatient setting, outside of the operating theatre environment.


METHODS: This was a prospective consecutive study of our clinical practice. A sterile air zone unit, the Toul Meditech Operio Mobile device, was used to create a sterile surgical site in three separate outpatient clean rooms from May 2020 to December 2021 in different geographical locations within Herefordshire, UK. Observations of the time spent in the department and a formal patient satisfaction survey were carried out for the initial 100 patients. All patients were followed up to assess development of postoperative complications.


RESULTS: 1269 patients were included in the study. No patients sustained post-operative infection (n = 0/1269, 0%). For the initial 100 patients, the average time spent within the department was 74.3 min (unilateral cases, range 45–115 min) and 93.1 min (bilateral, 55–135 min). Patient satisfaction was high.


CONCLUSION: Initial results demonstrate a safe, efficient and effective cataract surgery pathway with high patient satisfaction by converting outpatient clean rooms into ophthalmic operating theatres using the Toul Meditech Operio Mobile.

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Tomas Hansson, CEO, 2022-11-29

Study focuses on the space surrounding the sterile field

Can Airborne Particulates Contaminate Surgical Wounds? 

The science says they can as some facilities respond with enhanced technology to stop them from harming patients.

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Efforts to protect patients from avoidable harm should include a focus on the space surrounding the sterile field, suggests a recent study.

Publishing in the journal Surgery, the researchers say that although the accepted standard on the ventilation of ORs requires a minimum of 20 air changes per hour with a minimum of four outdoor air exchanges, externally sourced air can still present microbial and chemical contaminates to the OR.

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Tomas Hansson, CEO, 2022-11-29

Positiva studieresultat för SteriStay och Operio

Vid studien undersöktes instrumentbord (Operio och SteriStay) utrustade med lokalt riktat luftflöde som minskar bakteriell kontaminering under ortopedisk implantatkirurgi i en operationssal med omblandande ventilation.

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Studien utfördes vid Sahlgrenska/Mölndals sjukhus.

188 prover från luften och 124 prover över instrumenten samlades in under 48 kirurgiska operationer med implantat. Analysen visade att lokalt riktat luftflöde ovanför de kirurgiska instrumenten signifikant minskade antalet bakterier i luften ovanför assistentbordet (P<0,001) och instrumentbordet (P=0,002), såväl som på de simulerade instrumenten på assistentbordet (P=0,001).

Läs hela studien på engelska på: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2590088922000233?via%3Dihub

Tomas Hansson, CEO, 2022-06-13

Italiensk studie publicerad i European Journal of Ophthalmology

Ögoninjektioner under pågående COVID-19 utbrott i norra Italien. En innovativ metod för att uppnå hög kvalitet och säker behandling.

I en observationsstudie från norra Italien undersöktes resultaten från ögoninjektioner som utfördes på en ögonläkares mottagning kontra en operationssal med hjälp av Operio Mobile från Toul Meditech.

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Läs hela artikeln på engelska här:




Tomas Hansson, CEO, 2022-02-10

Norway aims for zero infections

In a recent study from Drammen in Norway including 9048 patients it was proved to be realistic to achieve zero infections in joint replacement procedures.

In an overall ‘zero harm’ healthcare improvement project at Drammen Hospital (DH) and Kongsberg Hospital (KH) the aim was to eliminate the incidence of prosthetic joint infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus. The last case recorded was in September 2018 (KH). After this last case, 2216 patients had surgery with prosthesis implantation, without any recorded prosthetic joint infections with S. aureus.

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Several important steps were introduced that contributed to achieve these positive results.

During the time when the study was carried out the Toul Meditech air flow technology was used for more than 5000 joint replacements and over 3000 spinal surgeries, as well as other surgeries. The Toul Meditech air flow technology has become a part of the Hospital’s infection control system according to Dr. Lukas Maansson, who is one of the authors of the study.

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Tomas Hansson, CEO, 2021-11-25

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